Service Agreement

Thinketh Labs is governed by ethical protocols in execution of service to its clients. This includes transparency in communication, disclosure of payment terms upfront, and clearly defined service level agreements. The highlights of these agreements are listed below:

  • Consultation for brand strategy is in line with the client’s short and long term goals. Recommendations for strategy execution of client’s brand does not guarantee results.
  • Clients will need to sign a detailed statement of work (SoW) that will disclose price structure for services offered by Thinketh Labs, and work will commence only upon the client signing this form.
  • There is a defined grace period to sign the SoW depending on the type of service rendered to the client. This guarantees the price disclosed in the service agreement at inception. Thinketh Labs cannot guarantee the price initially disclosed if the SoW is not signed within the defined grace period. This is because Thinketh Labs works with external technology partners for various web and mobile solutions. It is in the best interest of the client to sign the SoW within the defined grace period so that Thinketh Labs will bear any rise in costs over the course of service execution.
  • The SoW will disclose the start and end dates for all the type of services rendered by Thinketh Labs to the client. Client failing/refusing to sign the SoW will be accounted as service termination. In such a case, the client agrees to pay all expenses incurred for initial consultation, SoW preparation and other allied services.
  • Thinketh Labs will ensure contract agreements among various parties, including cross functional entities within a client’s company for the type of services rendered, however, it will make no guarantees, either implied or expressed, on the successful outcome of the brand strategy recommended.
  • Every service offered by Thinketh Labs will include a prescribed number of feedback sessions to improve web/mobile solutions, depending on the scale of work. Additional feedback and follow-up sessions to improve the final outcome of the product will attract additional charges. Thinketh Labs will provide various package options for multiple follow-up and maintenance work before the product is entirely deployed to clients.
  • Following the initial contract/SoW signed, additional services charges will also require clients to sign an updated SoW. The follow-up work/feedback sessions will only begin after clients sign the updated SoW.
  • SoW also doubles as an agreement by the client to pay all expenses.
  • Thinketh Labs reserves to right to terminate/refuse services if payments are not paid within the prescribed time disclosed in the SoW. It also reserves to the right to execute lawful action on its clients for collection of debts. Such legal action would also include the judiciary and attorney charges to be levied on the client.
  • Thinketh Labs assures clients that all web and mobile content (including text, images, audio, video, illustrations) is the property of the clients, except those contents found on Thinketh Labs website.
  • Thinketh Labs reserves the right to receive non-exclusive license from clients for all sensitive and confidential data that is required to be part of the requested web/mobile solutions development. Thinketh Labs guarantees that confidential data from clients will not be publicly disclosed, sold, misused or shared to any third parties.