Product Name: Credait

Application: People Empowerment Platform

Credait is an acronym for credentials, dreams and traits. A person is beyond qualification and experience. Their passion and personality are also important. In other words, credentials, passion, and traits defines a person completely.


Whether you are looking for someone’s credentials, passion or personality, or a combinations of these, you can find them in Credait. It is a platform where career and dreams are empowered. How Credait works If you want an expert in polymers, from automotive field, talented in conflict management, fluent in German & Persian, apt in public speaking, scuba dives for passion, and available within 2 weeks, then Credait will:

  1. A) Tell you if such a person exists – within minutes
  2. B) Establish contact with that person – within minutes to hours

Registrations are open to India only at the moment. Other countries to follow soon.