Privacy Policy

Thinketh Labs values client privacy. Disclosed below are privacy policies on how we will use sensitive information collected from our clients. Personal & Confidential Information Thinketh Labs will collect a user’s personal information such as name, phone number, email, address and service requirements under the pretext of user registration. We will also collect sensitive and confidential information as per client’s web/mobile solution requirements. This includes all the forms disclosed to the clients, either through web or through physical form. This is only to ensure that the client needs are clearly understood. We are governed by highly ethical protocols that does not allow us to share or misuse your personal information to other parties. The only circumstance where we would disclose your personal information is if we are requested through legal and lawful procedures from concerned authorities. Under such circumstance, we will comply with the court orders of the Indian judiciary system. Our security features are enable to prevent data loss, misuse, unauthorized access, and tampering with client sensitive data.