Shri S

Founder & CEO

Shri’s has a background in management consulting that encompassed healthcare, food & beverage, and consumer product industries. His primary work included engagement management, operations innovation, and strategy.

Shri holds a bachelors in electrical engineering and masters in biomedical engineering and has a decade of experience in market research and management consulting.   He is a proponent of digitally enriching human experiences. This is the compelling reason for him to pursue the entrepreneurial path, where the company’s vision is to enrich relationships between humans and technology – with a humanizing touch.

He is a avid automotive enthusiast who likes to restore antique vehicles and modify cars for performance handling. His other interests include trekking, reading and writing. He maintains a dedicated blog – CAS Manual – that highlights the importance of confidence, attitude and self-respect.

Ramamoorthy K

Chief Creative Officer

Ramu is an expert in graphics design and social media management. His foundation lies in creativity and possessing the ability to associate business value propositions through creative designs in social media. He holds a bachelors in computer applications.

He was involved in branding and animation at the beginning of his career and later ventured into advertising. Eventually, he pursued the entrepreneurial path of setting up a media company with few partners.  Following its exit, Ramu joined Thinketh Labs to focus on UI/UX development, project management, and digital marketing. He is an able administrator, whose relationship skills combined with a keen sense of diplomacy, has enabled seamless work with external partners of Thinketh Labs.

He is a humanitarian who is passionate about environmental sustainability. His long-term goal, is to contribute towards reducing air & water pollution, through innovations in technology.

Nalini KG

Strategist – Technology

Nalini is the Founder and Managing Director of Incresol – a global technology solution and services company. Since its founding days in 2011, it has grown to over 70 in current strength, comprising of programmers, administrators and knowledge experts. Incresol’s value proposition, lies in technological development, with long term sustainability and adaptability to evolving trends.

Nalini’s passion for technology is not only limited to software development. It encompasses mobile technology evolution, UX trends, network security, and digital communication management. He is currently involved in analyzing pervasive technological challenges, experienced by companies during software development process. He is enthusiastic about assessing processor efficiencies of modern smart phone applications. He has technical theories on how smart phones will evolve over the next decade in terms of lifestyle and people management.

Nalini holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, and on the personal front, he is an avid traveler who loves to connect with nature through trekking. He prefers exploring remote destinations that are far beyond the reach of average tourists.

Logesh R

Strategist – SEO & Digital Marketing

Logesh is the Founder & CEO of Infozub – a global company specializing in SEO and services associated with digital marketing and cloud integration. The institutionalized methods of education in college did not appeal to his intellect. As a result, Logesh founded his company during second year of college, because his instincts directed him towards the underrated potential of SEO implementation. Prior to founding his company, he was already involved in freelance work for SEO projects since first year of college. When he graduated in May 2016, he was already an established entrepreneur with 4 years experience in SEO and allied services. 

He maintains that SEO is a continuously evolving process that is critical to brand perception of global companies. In other words, he is a proponent of ‘Innovate or Die’ ideology. A self-learner by personality, Logesh’s interests are broadly classified into two categories – Technology and Physics. Cutting edge technologies, like virtual reality and artificial intelligence applications, intrigues his tech-savvy nature, in the same manner that anti-matter experiments and metaphysics appeals to his intellectual curiosity.

Rajesh S

Chief Software Architect & Development Partner – Hakuna Matata Solutions

Technologically inquisitive, Rajesh began his entrepreneurial journey 10 year ago, when he envisioned the prospects of mobile applications and animation. He is passionate about disruptive technology, and spends considerable time every day in evaluating software technology, that could have global impact in the next 5 years. All this stems from his “must-know” attitude since college days, where his extra-curricular activities included experimenting with open source animation.

Rajesh holds a bachelors degree in Computer Sciences. He is passionate about UX design and maintains that simplicity is the trademark of genius. His new found interest include AI applications. He attributes his thirst for knowledge, to being inspired by Timothy Albee and Elon Musk. He has the biggest gratitude to his father, for allowing him to experiment with electronic gadgets since Kindergarten, and for providing resources that catered to his curiosity.

On the personal front, Rajesh likes to experiment with drones as a hobby, and supports causes associated with green energy.

Nandha KS

Head of DevOps & Development Partner – Hakuna Matata Solutions

Nandha is the executor at Hakuna Matata Solutions. Timely delivery, people management, and troubleshooting technology  form the foundations of his leadership. His biggest strength is the ability to connect with his clients – be it startup founders or enterprise executives – and justify with conviction, on what technology works for their requirement.  Challenging convention is second nature to Nandha and he ensures that his team shares the same enthusiasm. 

Over the past decade, he has managed a broad spectrum of projects, ranging from e-commerce to gaming. The company’s successful delivery of projects can be attributed Nandha’s keen sense of understanding client requirements. If projects demand that he understands a new concept, he deep dives into it, even if it’s not technology centric.

Nandha holds a bachelors in Computer Sciences. In his spare time, he plays the violin and reads about business strategy, philosophy and leadership.



Ram K

Senior Consultant – India Market

A commercial pilot from Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia and a certified diver from Melbourne academy of Scuba, Ram has literally explored the high of skies to the deep blue sea. He holds three distinct post-graduation degrees: An MBA, Masters in Commerce, and Masters in Psychology. However, he feels that his sabbatical with Economic Research Wing, and his humble beginning as a part-time cab driver in Australia, has offered more valuable life lessons.

He has a passion for teaching and visits various B-schools to hold lectures every academic year. He has consulting experience in various verticals that include aviation, media & publications, IT & IT enabled services, logistics, educational services, food industry and chemicals. Overall, Ram is a people’s champion, whose cumulative experiences have all been directed towards comprehending people and economy.

Ram has travelled extensively, to all 29 states in India – encompassing metros to grass-root level villages – on both government and private company projects, over the past 15 years. These experiences have enabled his profound understanding of Indian demography in the areas of education, employment and agriculture.

Dr. K. R. Subramanian

Senior Consultant – Operations

Dr. Subramanian has over 30 years of experience in mentoring, organizational development, operations management and teaching. His involvement with Thinketh Labs relates to strategizing an awareness and call-to-action methodology among the small to medium enterprises (SME) for talent sourcing using His network encompasses vendors in manufacturing space, industry associations and special economic zones across India.

Dr. Subramanian is also an accomplished content writer in business subjects. He advises the internal executive team on the right topics to address vested interest groups. His overall mission is to script the roadmap that bridges the SMEs talent requirements (demand) and candidate availability (supply) across India through

Dr. Subramanian holds a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, an MBA and PhD in Business Management.