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Strategy: Defining the most misused word in business

The word “strategy” in business, is as critical as a defibrillator, for a patients in cardiac arrest. Strategy makes or breaks a company. It is one word that concerns C-level executives the most, and one of the major parameters by which their salaries and stock options are evaluated.

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Why most people don’t pursue their passion

Abstract: All of us are innately passionate about something. However, have you ever wondered why only few people pursue their passion? Education, wealth, or pedigree were insignificant to success achieved by those who followed their dreams. Then what is the unfair... read more

Why colleges will become obsolete by 2025?

Looking into history, even before colleges were established, there were knowledge centers – a place where disciples would gather at a specific place and time, to learn from an experienced teacher. These knowledge centers evolved into educational institutions over time, thereby cementing themselves as centers of learning. In the information age however, knowledge has evolved from being confined to learning at specific locations to becoming omnipresent digitally. We are gravitating towards the era of self-learning.

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Credait – Research Justification

Get discovered for your dream career – through Credait “There is a dire need to humanize talent sourcing” Credait is a social empowerment platform to enable people’s dream career. Current talent acquisition tools are primitive because…

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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become the modern buzz word for any activity associated with internet. It has become the highlight of discussion for a broad spectrum of people – ranging from corporate CEOs to a teenage rock-band. There are many established... read more